When you are debating in an online forum, and someone tells you that you cannot say this, ot think that, or say the other.

They may tell you that by expressing your opinion you are "offending them personally" or that if you continue to speak you are "a fool."

They will accuse you of every "ism" there is, even though you are not guilty or they are more guilty of this.
You are in a forum discussing the fact that you were a victim of crime, or you injured yourself at the gym, or you are a victim of harassment, or racism.

Suddenly the "e communist" will emerge and begin to engage in e communism!

"You cannot come in here and say that you are the victim of a crime, stop being a cry baby, grow up, and get over it, we are all bored, you offend me by continuing!"


"Your injury at the gym was your own fault, please stop insisting we all listen, we have all heard this story before, keep it to yourself, there are more important things to discuss here, and your injury is not one of them!"


"You say that person was racist to you, but I think you are inventiing it. I have never seen anyone in that area being racist, and you are a cry baby. Grow up and get on with your life, we have more important things to discuss here, your issue is not that important, and I don't believe you in anycase!"

The success of the e communist, is often dependent on how good the mods are, or how much a nuub the person asking the question or seeking advice is.

A good responce is either ignore the e communist, or tell them to get lost.

sadly many people end up apologising and leaving the forum, with genuine problems left unanswered, and the e communist grows in strength.
by Myself123e June 18, 2010
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The E-Community is the community for e-girls and e-boys (and softies,) you can also call them “E-P’s”standing for E-People. Being an E-P means you dress edgy and act edgy, (mostly applies to the dressing/style aesthetic)
Wow... Trisha is an E-P now. Her style changed over the summer.
Tyler is apart of the E-Community now.
by YourFellowCrackhead January 9, 2020
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