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Nuub is often used by gamers. It comes from the term 'newbie' or 'noob' meaning new player.
hwgi:/Johnny The Sniper: *headshots someone*
hwgi:/Johhny The Sniper: lol, fucking nuub i pwned you
Private Newbie: omfg i fucking hate you go die!

hwgi:/spiff: *grenades spawn of allies*
ally 1: omfg wtf man?!
ally 2: omfg he hax!
by JohnnyTheSniper July 09, 2006
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Nuub is a person who does not want to admit that they are a noob and just call everyone else noob because they can't accept that they are a noob.
Pro: 'Man have you seen that NUUB, he just keeps calling everyone else noob when his KD is 1:12.'
by JeffJefferson1932 August 17, 2018
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