Gonorrhea, ya know an STI that is no good good, close to words 'the clap'
"Guess what I got?" *clap clap*
"E clap!!"
by aimx February 10, 2007
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Noun. A computer virus contracted due to unprotected intimacy with web sites of ill repute. Note- Mac users are largely immune to the E-Clap.
I went to www.analsluts.com even though Norton told me not to. Now my computer has the E-Clap.

Dude! I told you not to go to www.boobs.org! Now you've got the E-Clap!
by Grimache May 16, 2009
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when a girl is laying down. a man is making out with her, a different man is man is licking her tits, and a different man is eating her out.
screw the H clap, we did the E clap
by Matt Biggie Higgins December 10, 2009
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