term used when having sexual intercourse, or secretive term used among men to describe a hot woman.
I wanna dust!!!

I dusted last night and it was with ur mom!

(Beautiful woman passes by)
Would you dust?
by Frank Per February 2, 2007
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The term dust can be said when talking about masturbating but used in public so nobody knows what you are talking about.

This term was brought to you by mark,Lushi,craig and marc
It is mostly used by us in these sentences '' mum i'm goin to dust my bedroom '' meaning '' mum I am going to have a wank in my bedroom '' and '' I had a good dust last night '' meaning '' I had a good wank last night ''.
by Marc nicholson July 3, 2006
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To hit someone with brass knuckles or a knuckleduster
He got dusted so hard he forgot his own name.
by Combat 84 June 29, 2004
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someone who sits on the bench in the game of life and collects dust.
Yo, did you see that dust walk by?
Yea man, that was Rob Mcneillie..I also heard hes gutless
by Scotty Mac December 12, 2006
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a perosn that you do not assoiate with because of how vile they are and would be offencive to to words to describe them in any other way apart from a dust or a spec of dust
louise:that is a dust to us
me: yes just dust at its finnest
by coco bean101 August 9, 2020
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when u are in some deep shit
and u know ur gonna get rolled
fabio-"OMG, my mom found my cowboys gone wild video
juan-"dude, ur dust"
by codenamerocky May 22, 2006
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