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Noun: An indivdual who's need for recognition and attention causes them to constantly dump on and degrade their friends and family members in a passive aggressive backhanded manner. Also lives to suck the fun and irony out of online interactions, draining the lifeblood out of your blog/twitter and facebook.

This person is the one person you had always hoped would never get a Facebook account. This person will purposely misunderstand you so as to mock you. This person is usually your mother in law.
"Sarah- you are so "healthy" looking- you sure there is no jean and phillipe?

I always wanted jeremy's father to get pregnant just once- we would have been set for life! Jeremy is closer than his father ever got....."

In three short sentences the dumpire tells her pregnant daughter in law she is enormous, calls her son fat and wishes her other two children were never born.
by The Dumpire Diarist May 08, 2010
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