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calling your buddy from the can to brag about the fecal masterpiece you just created. also, why camera phones were invented
*ring* *ring* - "hello?", "hello?"

--"dude what's that echo, are you dump dialing me?"

"ohhh yeah, I just shat out a mag-lite and I need a ride to the hospital"
by numbakrrunch November 26, 2006
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The act of calling your friends while taking a dump. Usually happens after large meals of the Mexican genre. The dump dialer usually forgets the phone call and or regrets the phone call in the morning.
Oh man I really gotta stop dump dialing when I'm eating.

Dude you dump dialed me last night?
by Steveo Hando March 26, 2009
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When one person is on the toilet for a at least 8 minutes, taking a crap, calls another on their phone from the toilet.

Unlike when someone butt-dials you or drunk-dials you, DUMP DIALS mostly occur sober, and on purpose.
"Hey bro, sorry to DUMP DIAL you, but i had to call you from the can...I'm getting a blumpkin!!!!"
by bigCracka' April 14, 2009
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