A disney movie about a flying fucking elephant
Holy shit did you see Dumbo? That shits the ish.
by Sloose-Daag August 16, 2007
Trendy neighborhood of downtown brooklyn; Down Under Manhattan Brooklyn Overpass
Real estate is booming in Dumbo
by mjb6363 April 12, 2005
When a male thrusts his cock back and forth in a girls mouth, prefereably at 1000 rpm, while grabbing the girls ears for traction. The result is the girl having her ears so stretched that she looks like the disney character dumbo. Another side-effect of this act is a almost certain long-term bout with depression given the shame the female will experience after such an act
Yo the other day i dumboed by girlfriend and then she cried.......for years.
by armosound December 5, 2009
When a guy is getting a blow job and is at the point of climax; he grabs the girl's ears and shoots a load down her throat.
My bitch got out of control last night, so when she was blowing me, I gave her the Dumbo! Suck on that peanut bitch!
by EmEyeKayE Dee May 10, 2009
othe worfd 4 dumbass
stfu dumbo if you have a question than rtfm!
by [G7G]keinekohle July 26, 2004