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Similar in nature to nudity, dudity occurs only when men are naked. This word would come in handy during R-rated films, sparing men the time and effort of having to watch movies they suspect have boobies in them, but in fact, do not.
This movie was advertised as containing nudity. After seeing it, I was disappointed to find that there was only dudity.

Cruel Intentions is an example of a movie in which nudity can be dismissed as dudity.
by Donut Q. Goodness July 28, 2004
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Dude nudity; nude dudes. Can refer to actually naked males, or to dudes that are showing an inappropriate amount of skin.
Example 1: "Don't see that movie, it’s a total chick flick and it's full of full-frontal dudity."

Example 2:
Bro #1’s ass crack is showing.
Bro #2 chastises: “Ahk, nice dudity bro” *averts his eyes*
Bro #1: “sorry bro” *pulls up pants*

Example 3: A dude goes to class with no shirt on. This would be an inappropriate display of dudity.
by Honalee November 04, 2005
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the exposing of a dude's private regions in the presence of other dudes or dudesses/dudettes in an effort to achieve a laugh or prove a point.
When David got a few drinks in him and showed off his dudity while singing karaoke, Robin thought it was gnar balls.
by David & Robin May 26, 2006
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Dudity or Dudeity, unlike nudity, is gross nude imagry or porn (women being the good kind) that features men and only men.
"Uhgg! I was looking for warez and I found what I was looking for, but there was dudity on the page!"
by Roxasbhk October 06, 2007
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n. A combination of Dude and Nudity. Often referring to unnecessary lack of clothing in a movie. Can only be guy nudity.
I love 28 days later, but that part in the beginning where the guy wakes up in the hospital has too much dudity.
by HBMan October 18, 2009
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Manliness in a negative sense. Lack of females in a situation. Word used to denote a sausage fest.
The dudity at this party is really hurting my chances of getting ass.
by John Delaney March 11, 2003
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