nickname for washingotn, pa time to represent 724
by T-Ray Hott October 5, 2006
Nickname for Wilmington North Carolina, the ONLY Wilmington
It's Bitchin'!!!
Marine from Camp Lejune: Let's go to Dubtown and pick up some skeezoids..
by John E. Blaze April 8, 2006
A nickname for a town in Williamstown, New Jersey. (South Jersey to be precise). This town has this name because it's known for it's dub (for you assholes, that don't know what dub is, look it up on!), and it's Dub-le U (W!) that the town's name starts with.
Friend One: Yo man, let's get fuckin' high tonight! Hook me up.
Friend Two: Alright man, we should head off to Dana's. She lives in Dubtown, ya know!
by dannywannny July 14, 2008
Windsor California has been known as Dubtown as long as anyone can remember.
the term is used in newspapers, math books, and all references to the town.
I have lived in Dubtown all my life!
by nikki1342 October 24, 2006
a slange word preppy middle schoolers from Dublin use to refur to their small rich town of Abercrombie wearing, collar-popping snobs
BD: wait a sec...where is that huge golf thing
TM: Dubtown
BD .......where?
TM: you know...DUBTOWN!!
by papachulo October 19, 2005