delirium-tremors (the altered thought processes and shakiness resulting from someone withdrawing from alcohol)
What is caused by the withdrawal effect of alcohol.
by us November 14, 2003
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dt is editor slang standing for " dedicated to". It means the edit you made is dedicated to a specific person.
this edit is dt to
by BUBBLEGUMSODA February 03, 2019
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double tap

commonly used on instagram when referring to a to be honest or shoutout post
#dt #like
by groovaay December 28, 2013
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Stands for "Don't Trip"

Used when someone is flipping out or gets touched about everything.
For those people who claim they're real but act fake.
"DT Daquan she's white"

"He's so dumb but I DT"
"You fake af so DT"
by Jeimy Lopez August 15, 2014
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All the babe's are making a fuss over Noah and his new hair style...the "DT"
by Lynn Bell April 28, 2010
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Deep throat. The ability to push a cock all the way down your throat and basically swallow it. Some girls gag, but overcome it. Other girls gag, but their partner helps them out a bit, usually by grabbing hold of her head and forcing their cock down her throat. Also know as throat fucking.
she gives okay head, I just wish she could dt me.
by nelgiri May 08, 2006
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