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The day after a big bender when you're not sure if your still drunk or if you're hungover.
Man Billy bob you really look like shit. You drunkover from last night
by Mow-ree April 21, 2004
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When you wake up and you're still drunk, not quite hung over yet.

i.e.- The phase between being drunk and hungover after some amount of sleep.
I can't go get the bagels, I'm drunk over. Don't want a DUI.
by Nicole and Erica January 03, 2008
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Unlike being hung over, you are still drunk in the morning when you have to go to work or somewhere else in public
Wow, how am I going to work so drunkover this morning
by Jenny from the Rock January 24, 2009
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When you drink so much that you wake up the next day still drunk, or at least tipsy.
God I am so drunkover... waiting for the headache to hit.
by Leo R April 15, 2007
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When someone drinks so much the night before that when they wake up that person is still drunk.
"Dude that party was insane last night right!?"
"I know man I'm still drunk over!"
by Espo10693 November 29, 2012
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The symptoms of a hangover, while still intoxicated.
John: Kyle, it's 1pm...why are you drinking water AND doing a shot?

Kyle: My mouth feels like the Sahara Desert, but somehow I still have a buzz and want to keep it going!

John: You idiot! Your put the bottle down and take some Advil.
by Drunkover Attire January 17, 2012
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the state of being hungover, yet also slightly drunk at the same time. Usually occurs when large amounts of alcohol have been consumed and then not quite enough sleep has been had for the effects to have worn off, but the affected person still feels terrible.
Rich: "man, you look a bit rough, good night last night was it?"

Jake: "yeah, but i only got like 3 hours sleep, im totally drunkover this morning"
by tychard May 22, 2007
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