Drowning Pool is an Extreme Alternative Band hailing from Dallas Texas. Usually seen as a Nu-Metal band, Drowning Pool has characteristics of Dallas Hard Rock, and Heavy Metal combined, along with Vocal Metal slapped in there.
Drowning Pools debut album made them on top fast going platinum withing two weeks of its release. This showed people that Drowning Pool was the future of the metal music, just as KoRn brought in a new style, so did Drowning Pool along with other bands.

Drowning Pool, along with Disturbed, Slipknot, Godsmack, Ill Nino, Sevendust, Fing3r 3leven and a few more, were all new generation bands. Throughout the 90's, heavy metal was weaker than it had used to be. Though there were still powerful bands like KoRn and Ozzy Osbourne, there was a lot of Grunge and AlternativeRock going around. When the New Century hit, this group of "Crusaders" came out as real heavy metal and shook the music world, bringing metal back up.....temporarily.

At Ozzfest 2002, right after Covering Metallica's "Creeping Death", Drowning Pool Frontman was found dead on there tour bus, sadly had died of undiagnosed heart disiese. The whole music world was utterly shocked seeing as one of the most promising bands of the new century was now dead. Many of the bands that came out along with Drowning Pool were not all well either. With Drowning Pool as the 'leaders' of this new group of bands, them being out messed with the fans. many albums from those such as Ill Nino and Sevendust weren't being bought as much.

Now, bands like Disturbed and Slipknot have done exceptionally well and have made all of there albums platinum or more. Other bands like Ill Nino and Sevendust, and Fing3r 3leven are making there way back up and now have some hits out.

To sum it all up, Drowning Pool was a breakthrough band, and it was very sad that they could not have produced more with Dave Williams, but the metal community will always remember him....
Check out drowning pools new third album coming out july 24, FULL CIRCLE!

RIP Dave Williams 1972-2002
by Dedicated DrowningPool Fan April 11, 2007
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one of the greatest fucking metal bands i ever heard, we miss you Dave
drowning pool will forever let the bodies hit the fucking floor
by (unknown) August 03, 2003
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One of the three most acclaimed nu metal bands out there (the big three being Slipknot, Mudvayne, and Drowning Pool). The more die hard fans will swear up and down that it is straight metal, but let's get real people.
Drowning Pool is the Nirvana of the nu metal scene.
by The Gecko March 29, 2005
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Formerly the greatest nu-metal band in the world, until Dave died. They're the closest to black and death metal Nu-metal will EVER get.
one, nothing wrong with me...
two, nothing wrong with me...
three nothing wrong with me...
by Jason Voorhees October 25, 2003
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he actually didnt OD he was suffreing undiagnosed heart cancer. And yes, Drowning Pool kicks serious ass.
by StAiND October 03, 2003
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i. A quote used by brotchie to express social abandonment and lack of friends.

ii. A feeble attempt to induce others compassion, however, often mocked.

iii. Often said involuntarily after intense or great loss.
Person 1: What are you doin' today?
Person 2: Drowning in my pool of misery.
by lilly b January 23, 2005
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