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1. An aftermarket fuel tank on a Torana.

2. The female genetalia that resembles an aftermarket fuel tank when bent over, and viewed from behind.
1. Ben when did you install that new droptank mate? It looks sweet!

2. You should have seen Britney Spears' droptank when she was bending over into her car to grab her shopping. I think I saw her breakfast!
by Nickiwaa May 17, 2008
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Although originally from the auto-motive department, drop tank is used to describe a womans genetalia when she is wearing tight leggins.
Not to be confused with camel toe ,drop tank is just a bulging type pubic area and not the traditional bulge with a split.
"fuck,did you see the drop tank on that"
by Burnin up Brad December 05, 2007
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A female's droopy dangling undercarriage sometimes caused by labial cellulite. Normally associated with Fupas and commonly mistaken for cameltoe however, a droptank displays little or no labial cleavage due the buildup of vaginal sap; a symptom of prolonged cooch dormancy.
"I went diving for a bearded clam when all i had to was reach into my neighbors droptank."
by Seymour Hieny November 01, 2006
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Person, generally female that is extremely bulbous in shape. One that resembles a water tank. One that is fatter than they are tall and would probably have no hope in pulling a root. Person abundant in fatty deposits or who could feed a third world country for several days. Amy Rigden. Slang: Droppie.
by John Barry November 20, 2004
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one who used to weigh 40 kilos at about 5 feet tall. they now are the same height but are an extra 25 kilos heavier
amy rigden is a drop tank
by fmell November 20, 2004
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