taking a shit also refered to as "dropping the kids off".
boss:why were you late john? john:sorry sir i had to drop the kids off. boss:you don't have kids though john. john:you've got to be the stupidest guy i've ever met you dumbass.!
by bobby faget September 22, 2005
Take a #2
After eating all that Mexican food, I had to go drop the kids off.
by Vijay June 10, 2003
When you dont want to say i have to poop or take a dump
Hey, i'll be right back, I gotta drop the kids off and they are in a hurry!
by slingerboy July 30, 2008
v. Derivitive of American expression for taking a shit, i.e. 'Dropping the Cosby Kids off at the pool' Relating to color of both.
I was late clocking in for work b-cuz I had to drop the Cosby Kids off at te pool.
by spmatsdoof4zuggin June 11, 2003
Excusing oneself to go and take a dump. Going for a poo or poos. Having a crap
"wait a sec, I've just got to drop the kids off"
"Where's Steve? Oh he's dropping the kids off"
by hussas12 August 12, 2009
reply given when asked in a quiet restraunt where youre going when you suddenly up and leave the table shortly after finishing an ill prepared fish dish. loudly, yet not obnoxiously whilst pointing to the toilets... "oh, im just going to drop the kids off." everyone by then should assume youre off to take a huge shit.
"... ill be back in about 10, just dropping the kids off. "
by pan March 8, 2004