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reply given when asked in a quiet restraunt where youre going when you suddenly up and leave the table shortly after finishing an ill prepared fish dish. loudly, yet not obnoxiously whilst pointing to the toilets... "oh, im just going to drop the kids off." everyone by then should assume youre off to take a huge shit.
"... ill be back in about 10, just dropping the kids off. "
by pan March 8, 2004
see 'crikey o reily'. christ alive!!!
"... i cant see properly... oohhhh, christ alive... "
by pan March 8, 2004
"Smells Like Teen Spirit"
Hit Niravana song from their album "Nevermind".
Nirvana is the greatest band ever.
by pan March 29, 2003
American English is a language that has so many obvious rules that almost only Americans break.
the difference between "then" and "than". they almost always confuse them. I'm not American but I perfectly know when to use each one!
by pan March 8, 2004