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Someone, usually a girl, who attracts drama. The most common cause is romantic problems. It might not be this person's fault, though it usually is, but most of the drama going on at the moment focuses on or has to do with this person. Often causes a ripple effect in social circles. Dramacows often lead to "picking teams" between mutual friends, and are like walking soap operas.

Signs of a dramacow: Tears, tantrums, screaming matches, break-ups, estrangement, polarization, and, of course, drama.
Girl 1: OMG, did you see that huge fight between Becky and her ex?
Girl 2: I know, she is SUCH a dramacow! Can you believe she posted their convo on facebook?

Guy 1: Did you hear about Lisa and Dan's breakup? How could she do that to him?
Girl 1: What are you talking about?! He's the one who cheated on her with her best friend! You should be feeling sorry for her!
Guy 1: Hang on, wait. I really don't want to end up taking sides. Let's just forget the dramacows and get ice cream.
by DyingPlatypus March 22, 2010
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