A turd that begins in the hole of the siphon of the toilet bowl and remains entirely intact. The importance of the intact body lies in the fact that it must be long enough for it to lay its glistening head outside of the water surrounding the beast's cave.
I had to leave the dirty toilet paper outside the bowl until I could properly document my dragon's lair. Shit was crazy.
by Thee White Knight September 18, 2010
When you blow vape into your girl's pussy and the vape smoke leaks out like the entrance to a dragon's lair.
Would you like to experience The Dragon's Lair?
by DoctorrNick April 27, 2017
The Nintendo Entertainment System version of the arcade game. Your character dies incredibly easy. Ways to die on the game are:

Touching a door, having a pebble thrown at you, touching a wall, and other seemingly harmless activities, unless being attacked by an enemy.
The Dragon's Lair (NES)version is so awful. I think its one of the worst games I have ever played.