The keen sense that some individuals have that allows them to sense or spot other people who are douchebags. The sense allows them to potentially identify douchebags even when the douchebag maybe trying to conceal their doucheness
The guy walked in the door and my douchedar was going off like crazy and that was before I even saw his trucker hat and popped collar.
by senior dirty sanches April 16, 2008
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The uncanny ability to sense a person's douchebaggery, usually upon sight, but sometimes it is not triggered until said douchebag opens their mouth.
My douchedar went off as soon as he walked into the room with his salmon shorts and aviators and introduced himself as Chad.

The guy next to you at the music festival: "This DJ's sick. That top is sick. My hat is sick. SQUAD" major douchedar alert.
by TsukinoUsagi20 March 7, 2017
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