n. A combination of a douchebag, and a clown; a person so pathetic that it appears funny to everyone around them.
Wow that kid thinks he actually has a chance with that girl, what a douche clown.
by Boozer July 20, 2005
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When describing a person as douche bag just isn't enough. This special person takes the act of douche baggery to another level.
"Wow. That freakin' douche clown over there is literally cock-blocking this entire bar"

"Hey somebody tag that douche clown who is camping with the sniper rifle"

"Good call douche clown"

by ClearCause January 14, 2008
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A person that is such a fuckin douche bag, that all you can do is think about the fact that you despise them and how much fun it would be to kick their ass.
I would love to kick that douche clown's ass, what a fag.

That guy's the biggest douche clown I've ever seen.
by SDkid May 15, 2008
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As the balloon clown creates balloon animals, the doucheclown creates animals by blowing up and knotting douchebags.
Hey Jimmy, quit being such a doucheclown!
by jmurdoch October 06, 2007
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