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A geeky/nerdy person who is overly confident about their intelligence and will treat others as a lower form of life. These people are quite arrogant (full of themselves) about how smart they are and will constantly remind you and/or correct you when your wrong.
Guy1: Stay away from my stuff, you Ivy League know not!
Guy2: Wow, that guy is such a douche nerd!
by UrbanLinguist2 June 29, 2011
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A douchebag who plays FPSers and actually pays attention to all the names of the weapons in the game. They seem to run in packs of other douchenerds and will consistently teabag you after killing you with bitch tactics such as the "Run stab run," "Noob Tuber," or the "I've played this game for over 80 hours and can snipe you within 5 seconds of spawn cause I'm just that good." They love to trash talk and call your mom a whore. They don't say the names of their games aloud, instead they use acronyms to show how "hardcore" they are.
"Hey John are you gonna get the new Call of Duty?"
"Nah, there's too many douchenerds who'll prestige in a few hours from release."
by Richard Headson November 07, 2011
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A geeky person who's become overly confident with the opposite sex. These people tend to treat their significant other with less respect than when they were not so confident.

This usually happens because geekiness has become more socially acceptable than in the past, and more people are attracted to geeks then ever before.
Boyfriend: Wow, there are so many hott chicks on my facebook now!
Girlfriend: Your such a douche nerd lately.
by UrbanLinguist2 June 29, 2011
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