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A hypocrite who complains about hypocrites..... in other words me
*Jeff beats his wife, is a raging alcoholic, rapes babies, murders people, and steals shit all the time BUT Jeff goes to church..... this makes Jeff a hypocrite*

*Jeff is talking to his friend about football and along walks a hypocrite and Jeff says "DAMN I HATE HYPOCRITES!".... now armed with the knowledge that Jeff is a hypocrite and he complains about hypocrites we can officially call him a "double hypocrite"*
by foshiznizzle November 02, 2007
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When a person is claiming someone else is a hypocrite when in reality they are the hypocrite. This my friends is a double hypocrite. Important factor is if said person uses the word "hypocrite".
Kavita: You're such a hypocrite for sucking ten dicks in a night.

Kavita's mum: You did that last week you double hypocrite
by Ragnarinmybum August 30, 2017
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