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While double teaming a girl with a buddy, have one guy do her in the vag or ass while the other receives a hummer. Have the guy in the back tell her he is gonna blow and then spit on her back. When she turns around, give her the facial of her life. Then when she turns around to face the front again, the guy in the front blows it in her face for a second facial.
Marie was so ashamed of having fallen for a double houdini that she pulled a disappearing act of her own and transferred to another school.
by Saint Sean October 02, 2007
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a variation of the standard houdini sex act. Perform sex in a doggy-style position, and instead of faking ejaculating on the lady's back as you would in a houdini, you actually do ejaculate. When she turns around, you give her a right hook to the jaw.

Not very nice, but neither is a houdini.
Top points were given to the man who could pull off the most double houdinis and get away with it.
by lipenaar May 14, 2006
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When you're about to cum during anal sex you spit on your partner's back and when she turns around you cum onto her face; while someone was in the restroom or closet runs up and while the "partner" turns around she gets cum on her face a second time.
Jenny got a Double Houdini and you could still smell the jizz on her face.
by Annonymasal95 September 14, 2010
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whilst doing a girl doggy-style in the dark have a friend take over your position while you walk outside in front of a window and wave in at said girl.
Last night Jake and me pulled a double houdini on my girl, it was fuckin hilarious!
by KMK420BongToke April 26, 2009
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