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(noun) during "doggy-style" you spit on her back to simulate cumming. She turns around and you cum on her face and shout "HOUDINI!"
It was like magic! he came on me twice in 10 seconds!
by 420hitter February 21, 2003
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Houdini Sex: While you're with your girlfriend, passionately banging her from behind, you have one of your buddies slip in and take your place without her knowing. Then you sneak outside, run up to the bedroom window and yell, "TAA DAA!"
"Dude! You're gonna love this: Last night I had Houdini Sex with Jane and my buddy, Tom. When I went outside and yelled ‘TAA DAA!' her mouth was all like, dropped open and her eyes were fuckin' HUGE! Next thing I know she turned pale and ended up shitting all over Tom, herself and her mother’s new carpet. I was all like, Bro! No Way! Fuckin' Houdini Sex! Woooo! We were still laughing about it this morning, but she's still uptight about it. I think I lost my GoPro in the bushes."
by Barn Breath January 26, 2016
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The act of having sex in dangerous situations where the goal is to achieve climax for either or both parties before meeting there doom.
Look there's a train coming down these tracks in 15 minutes let's have Houdini sex .
by Piggy22 December 03, 2017
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