1. An optical instance caused by the refraction of light by water in the atmosphere.

2. A person who is a member of the LGBTQ++ community, or a rainbow, who is rainbow for two reasons. Ex.: Somone who is both a lesbian and gender fluid. In some cases, it is possible to be a triple rainbow, if one considers sexually and romanticism to be two different forms of rainbow-ness. An example of triple rainbow would be somone who is heterosexual, biromantic, and gender fluid. Trans has not been mentioned, due to the fact that the words for expressing sexual preference are influenced by gender.
P. 1. I'm a demigirl and a lesbian.

P. 2. Oh! You're a double rainbow! Cool!
P. 2. Thanks mate.
by Fabulous Magnus September 23, 2015
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when two homosexual males ejaculate on a third man who is also covered in rainbow sherbet
bruce had his first double rainbow last night, he said it was delicious
by uberdown April 27, 2015
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A noun representing something a person finds phenomenally exciting, joyful, or amazing. The expressed joy upon witnessing a double rainbow may be misinterpreted as an acid trip, orgasm, or loss of bowel control.
"Did you catch Neil Patrick Harris in Dr. Horrible?"
"Dude... *fart* *gurgle* ... NPH is... he's just... *drops to knees* *cries*... He's just my all time... *vomit* ...Dub... dub... *fart* *high-pitched how*
(Note: In the throws of a double rainbow sighting or mention, a person may lose the verbal capability to pronounce the term "Double Rainbow.")
by ApologyAcceptedCaptainNeeda August 17, 2016
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When a man is on another man lap getting anal. The guy on top gets a reach around, and the one on bottom pulls out at the same time they squirt their load.

The double rainbow.
You think bukake is disturbing, check out the double rainbow!
by Louis the brawler November 16, 2010
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The act of coitus interruptus followed by urination, i.e. pulling out early, cumming on a female's stomach, then immediately
pissing whilst the penis is still erect, such that both fluids form a rainbow-like arc.
After six King Cobras and already breaking seal, I couldn't hold my piss in anymore, so I figured I'd give my girl a double rainbow. She was so happy she cried 'Double rainbow all the way, what does this mean!?!'
by Palin '12, Cuz It'd Be Funny November 05, 2010
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