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A double plug is a Double Headed Anal Probe, Which is basically a double headed dilldo that is bent in a U shape, sp that it can be insterted into a womens vagina and anus at the same time.
OhhhhHHhhHHh that double plug is in my anus and vagina at the same time!! oOhoHHhhh!
by Mysterman September 04, 2005
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double plugging is in the act of penetrating a woman in either her anus or vagina, you take either your finger, dildo or anything you can find and plug the other orifice.

another definition is when two men engage in sex with a woman at the same time. One man inserts his penis in her anus while the other man inserts his in her vagina.
Last night while I was hammering Katie I put my finger in her ass and double plugged her.

Last night while I was walking in the park I saw these two guys double plugging this girl.
by JOSH April 05, 2005
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