when a frat guy or sorority girl overdoes their Greek pride by wearing multiple articles of clothing with their Greek letters on them, whether it be a hat and a shirt, a shirt and shorts, open jacket with t-shirt underneath. Considered to be lame and over the top in Greek communities.
The Crows always overdo it by representing double letters like the lame asses they are.
by RowansFinest April 21, 2008
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Any first or last word you use, add double letters at the end or beginning of the word to assert your dominance
bruhh that was litt
ii just won that fightt

Double letter is used to assert your dominance by adding another letter
by Wassaaaaaaaaaa March 17, 2019
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On myspace (mostly) or networking sites, or generally the internet, teens often have what is called "double letter syndrome", this is when they spell every word with a double, triple, or more letters than necessary. Can, often times be extremely confusing and just plain annoying.
Britney: "i liiikee him && thee otther guyy too butttt someetimess hee caaan be a totall playyerr"

Anne: "ohhh i totallyy agree huunneeyy, he iss very hott."

this is an example of double letter syndrome.
by GJAY. September 29, 2009
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