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It's like the definition for the phrase coyote ugly, except you know that the chick is gonna be looking for a one-armed man, so you have to gnaw off your other arm.
"She's DOUBLE coyote ugly, man, why'd you pick her up?"

Note: This definition came from and idea by "Teh Devil's Advocate" (his pseudonym on this site).
by jewpoints December 12, 2004
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double coyote Ugly is when you wake up next to the woman you had sex with the night before,and you realize in your sober state that she is the UGLIEST woman you have ever seen, and you realize she is laying on your arm. Instead of waking her up to move, you chew off your arm to free yourself and chew off the other arm to make sure it never happens again.
I woke up next to Hilda and she was double coyote ugly, I chewed off my arm so I did not have to wake her and chewed off my other arm so it would never happen again.
by Denny Bob November 14, 2007
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Just like coyote ugly, except that since you absolutely don't want her to wake up, you gnaw off your free arm first - for practice!
Man, she was so ugly, I thought I'd have to do a double coyote ugly move, just to make sure I ddidn't flinch or whimper!
by SuperCabbie September 20, 2007
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