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The wrong way to spell douche.
I am an idiot so I spell douche like this: d-o-o-s-h!
by Mysterio April 26, 2003
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to be left alone or ignored by someone while trying to communicate with them
Bollocks, ave been pure heavy dingyed
Mon, he's a bit of a scaff, lets dingy him
Hefty dingyed!
by Mysterio December 26, 2003
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To be the best out the whole of every one. Like the best in a college for instance. To rule over everyone in college. To be th edominant one. Yes the dominant one. and no! not to be a tea leaf
I feel like stine
by mysterio December 05, 2003
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Spiderman- Super hero, crime fighter and menace

Peter Parker- Pizza Delivery Boy, Photographer and Student

Peter Parker is.....SPIDERMAN.....hes busy alot and always late when meeting his friends, Mary Jane and Harry Osborne. Harry Osborne's dad was killed by Spiderman, although Harry's dad was Green Goblin (He dosent know) he seeks revenge and so does a Super Villain named 'Doc Ock', he thinks spiderman has killed his wife Rosie, but she was actually killed in a experiment with her husband, Docter Octavius(Doc Ock) and Doc Ock seems to be the strongest super villain Spiderman has ever faced..... What a load of bull
Kid- I want that game! Spiderman2, the game looks awesome!

-After buying the game.....-

Kid- This game is shit! I cant even kill the Rhino!

Kid2- Stick to the damn mario games, Fuckface!

-This has made no sense what-so-ever.
by Mysterio July 20, 2004
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