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a:he is such a dookster
b:i know thank goodness his paps dies so know he is the king
a:no he is the dookster
by muhammed sanneh June 29, 2011
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1. When something sucks super badly, used in a manner very similar to bullshit.

2. Used to refer to somebody that is as bad or worse than a pile of shit (dookie). Ideally the dookster should be referred to as such when he or she is present but should never find out that he or she is in fact the dookster. Bonus points if the dookster starts making jokes about "the dookster," not realizing that he or she is the dookster his or herself. If the dookster ever finds out that he or she is the dookster, sever all ties with the dookster immediately and never talk to the dookster again.

When joking about the dookster, it's proper to mention how the dookster does typical dookster things (most often making a dookie) and t make "the dookster" gesture, which looks like two thumbs up held close together and waved up and down in opposite directions.
1. Person A: I got an F on my science test!
Person B: Aww man, that's dookster!

2. Person A: I super fucking hate Ron.
Person B: Yeah, Ron sucks ballsack.
-Ron/The Dookster enters.-
Person A: Something smells like shit.
Person B (making the dookster gesture): It's probably the dookster, makin' a dookie!
Ron/The Dookster: Haha yeah guys, that dookster smells like shit...
Person A: Yeah, right.
Person B: The dookster is such a fucking retard.
Ron/The Dookster: Yeah he is!
Person A: You know it.
by lovesmesumcake October 26, 2008
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