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To drop a stinky deuce while listening to Green Day's 1994 major label debut, Dookie. After finishing their dookie time, one should listen to Green Day's 1992 album, Kerplunk, as that is the sound that dookies make when they hit the toilet water.
Bro: "Yo dude, I gotta drop a brown trout, but I don't want to stop listening to Green Day."
Dude: "Bro, me too, let's just do both at the same time."
Bro: "Holy shit, dude, it's dookie time!"
(Bro and Dude proceed to drop trou at side-by-side toilets and listen to "Basket Case").

John: "Ow... ow... oh fuck, this burns... ah... AHHHHHH!"
(poop comes out, hits the water)
John: Damn, that smells... ooh, Longview, I love this song!"
by Merriam Chubster February 27, 2013
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In jail, when an inmate throws his feces around a common area in order to lure guards in so that he may fight them.
You best cover yo head nigga - it's dookie time
by SpongerAtHeart October 30, 2007
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verb: As used by the Amount Boyz or anyone in their crew, the time in which one feels the need to release excrement from their anus (see shitting taking a shit and the like)
That chineese food really did a number on my stomach - it's DOOKIE TIME!!!
by Christina December 17, 2003
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