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An unknown thingamajig. A word used by old fogies, usually in their 60s or 70s or 80s. This word imparts much aggravation on the listener, however the speaker thinks it's a clever and hip word.
Dude 1: "Yesterday in class my prof was talking about something, and he said, "So if you take this set A of dooflachees, and this set B of widgets..." and then I immediately started to doze off while mashing my teeth."

Dude 2: "Ha, that old geezer thinks that annoying old slang is cool, what a douche bag."

Dude 1: "Yeah, but oh well. What can you do?"

Dude 2: "Ummm... drop the course?"

Dude 1: "yeah, but I can't. He's the only dude who teaches this class."

Dude 2: "Guess you're SOL then."
by Adel7 August 21, 2007
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After sneezing, it is the particle of slimy snot that is dangling from your nostril.

Bless you! Um, dude, you have a dooflachee--get a tissue!
by Manic Monkey December 27, 2010
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