To lose one's job or position because of a web blog or website that is slanderous to someone or something.
Dan got dooced when he had to resign from student council because of his scandalous webblog.
by Jacoby February 12, 2006
Being disqualified for a job because your blog was read by a hiring individual at the company where you've applied.

Not being hired because of your blog. See Dooce.
Probably a good idea to keep your blog and your design website separate. You don't want to get pre-Dooced.
by Maigen January 8, 2008
A doocee is when u take a shit
And it comes out runny but also
Hard at the same time
Your taking a shit. It comes out runny and hard at the same time
That is a doocee
by Bip bop bup February 22, 2019