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someone who pokes along, doesn't pay attention, as in a bad driver.
That lady just cut me off at 15 miles an hour. What a doo ta doo.
by saraht March 16, 2007
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the core inside a roll of toilet paper or paper towels. Name derived form it's use by children who use them as a bullhorn
Stuff that cord in the doo ta doo so it won't get all over.
by hwerd July 12, 2011
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Someone who just goes through the motions of a menial task without any intential purpose or goal.
He didnt follow procedure or do his job efficiently, he was just dootadooing around. What a dootadoo.
by reaperrose August 03, 2017
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the term used for something extremely stupid, dorky, or goofy.
"guess what? insync has a new album coming out soon"... that is a serious doo ta doo!! there is also a town in michigan called "frankenmuth" where it's christmas 365 days a year. i cant explain it. it's like something out of the x-files. THATS a doo-ta-doo!!!
also, something as simple as a bad haircut can be a doo-ta-doo. understand?
by patrick stokell May 27, 2005
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