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An expression of discontent, usually used to describe on what said object of discontent sucks.
Kristy, that Dukes of Hazard movie does in fact suck donkey balls!
by Adhamh July 15, 2005
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Term used to show dislike for something so intense, you would rather be slurping sweaty, hairy, smelly donkey balls. Generally preceded by the word "suck."

Popularized by Eric Cartman on South Park.
1. Dude, flaming homosexuals suck donkey balls!
by cootercanoodler June 27, 2010
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1. nickname for the guy that has ginormous testicles- and everybody knows it. Some will even claim them to be the size of grapefruits.
Damn Donkey Balls your nuts look like a acouple of tennis balls hanging in a pair of panty-hose, them shits is swoll!
by Jacob Wallace August 15, 2005
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what it looks like when a naked guy bends over and you can see his balls hanging all low and heavy from behind.
Brad in the shower after the big game: Oh, don't look now, but Johnson's stooping over to pick up the soap!
Rutledge also in the shower after the big game: Donkey balls! Donkey balls! Johnson't got some donkey balls!
Johnson, realizing he's the butt of a joke again and quickly standing erect: Come on guys, leave me and my saggy sack alone.
by Stephanie Ellis September 11, 2005
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The testicles on a donkey which are frequently sucked by aptly named donkeyballsuckers.
Stop sucking those donkeyballs you damn donkeyball sucking stumaster!
by bobbobson February 19, 2004
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One who's testicles are abnormally larger than others. Balls the size of a Donkies. Usually the carry of these monstrasaties trades penis size for testicle size(By birth not by choice of course)
Comparable to E-Dollaz, everyone else's nutz looked like marbles when matched to his Donkey Balls
by Robert Barker August 28, 2003
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