a slang form of 'i've already done it'
used popularly by southerners...floridians
mother: 'clean your room'
education deprived child: 'i done did it'
by SKITTLES+KIWI September 25, 2008
Person A: Accidentally makes a mistake filling out an important form.
Person B: "You've done did it mate."
by Goccsym8 February 22, 2017
To land roovers to range roovers niggas with automatics

Niggas ridin' big bodies I done did that

I'm ridin' jags drop top and I can do that
by james11 September 16, 2013
The uneducated way of saying you did something wrong and you don't care
Girl: the answer for B. is 13
Boy: oh..... I done did wrong
by Thatunicornsydney December 20, 2016
the expression used to let someone know that u have done it twice already.
peter says: hey, r u gonna hit ol girl again

phil says: naw, i done did it it!!!
by etke1039 January 17, 2009
without hesitation, if you get trampled over a scuffle with a toothless hillbilly and approach him with intentions to confront and resolve a current conflict afflicted upon you, his disturbingly low educated response claims that he absolutely has nothing to do with any remarks or previous actions presented to you.
Cop- hello sir, may i ask a few question?
Tweaked-out Hillbilly- look man, I ain't gone done did a thing dude.
Cop- what are you doing way out here in a shack.. in the middle of the woods.. with PH strips and lots and lots and loootttsss of pseudophede?
Tweaked-Out Hillbilly- science project for school.
Cop- sir, you're clearly not in school.
Tweaked-Out Hillbilly- Its for my son.
Cop- ..but you're the only one here...
Tweaked-Out Hillbilly- he's here spiritually
Cop- Goddammit i dont have time for this!
by bulletface May 1, 2015