do not worry about it. In other words forget about.
Dont't even trip dawg.

If a person fucks your car up you tell him don't even trip.
by Cesar Valles August 24, 2004
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this phrase means don't worry about it; stay out of it; it doesn't concern you.
There was a big fight in school. Students sre speaking about the event. The teacher asks one of the students what had happened. the student replies, "don't trip".
by C.calderon November 12, 2009
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A euphemism often used by Negro Americans, typically a command insinuating that if the individual in question does not desist with their current forward mannerisms they will incur a so called "bitch slapping," a most unpleasant experience.
Don't trip or I'll moonwalk up all up and down yo ass.
by Timmay November 29, 2003
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Stop your worrying. (Commonly used on the West Coast)
Guy One: Aye bluhd, when mah momma finds out that we was gettin' high in tha house she gon beat mah ass!

Guy Two: Breh, don't trip, we gon be done before she comes home.

Guy One: Oh aiight, coo'.
by calif0rnialove January 6, 2009
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Male: Does Female 2 like me?
Female 1: Don't Trip
Female 1: lol I'll stop hating yes she does
by ToxicOpera June 4, 2010
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girl, relax - no need to worry; you're overreacting
Keisha: why you ain't checkin in with me? it's 3 in the morning! I know your cheatin on me with that ho who's always sendin you texts.
Jamal: Bitch don't trip!
by Laqueshus Jones June 5, 2009
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