New catch phrase, started unknowingly by University of FL student Andrew Meyer that took on a life of it's own, meaning:
1.don't be a dick a kill
3.Phrase used to call someone out on a cock block.
4. Or Simply stop using that tazer gun on me sir.

"We are all going to lunch but I need you to stay here and answer the office phone".

"Don't taze me bro"

"Sorry you need to stay here.
by k-10 September 19, 2007
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An ironic catch phrase used to mitigate chastisement esp. from one's peers (not gender specific). Similar in meaning to cut me some slack.
Nicole: Did you burn popcorn again?
Andrew: Hey, don't taze me bro, I swear the microwave's evil.
by (([Mike])) September 25, 2007
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This was a frantic plea from an annoying yet harmless college punk who decided to ask John Kerry one too many questions from the "open mic". Ironically (and tragically) his request to not be tazed was immediately followed by the actual tazing, since the crack group of security guards immediately assessed him as a threat to John Kerry, himself, and the crowd. Nice going security guards, enjoy your unpaid vacation.
"Don't taze me bro!.... AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! Why? Why?"
by The Slow Kid September 22, 2007
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What you say to the police when they are on a power trip and are using excessive force on you.
As UPD was brutally attacking him, Andrew asked "Don't taze me bro."
by RobyG September 20, 2007
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