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Don Cherry is currently the most well-known hockey commentator in Canada. He discusses hockey issues with sidekick Ron MacLean every Saturday night after the first period of the first game shown on Hockey Night in Canada on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.
Cherry played one single game in the National Hockey League (NHL), but spent many years in the minor leagues. He was more successful as a coach, leading the Boston Bruins in the 1970s. As a CBC commentator he has been extremely controversial, calling Europeans and French Canadian players chickens and wimps. Cherry hosted an interview-syle TV show in the 1980s called Don Cherry's Grapevine, which spawned similarly named bars across Ontario.
Don Cherry is a tough talkin' old man.
by RexGibson February 16, 2004
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Former Boston Bruins coach--now a huge personality on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. In layman's terms, the John Madden of hockey.
Don Cherry would look at a Canadian hockey team and say "We don't want our boys playing with no creampuffs!"
by Mikey February 20, 2006
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The biggest fucking retard in NHL history. The guy is obsessed with dressing like an idiot and over exaggerating a topic. He needs to retire, get a life and maybe kill himself.

Fuck Don Cherry

Guy 1: Sens won!
DC: They played very well!!!!!!!! Yeah!!!!!!!!!!!
Guy 2: What a douchebag. Don Cherry can burn in hell.
by Fat Tits Fart May 19, 2006
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