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A dogpig is the lowest thing you can call a female. the greatest part is that there is no true definition. girls will not know what it is when ou call them it, but they just know that it is not a good thing to be called. dogpigs are the absolute lowest form of females. they do not have feelings and are not to be treated with the basic respect granted on actual human women.

A dogpig can be anything from an ugly slog, to a hot girl whos a bitch. it is a universal insult meant to completely degrade a female.
hutch's girl is such a dogpig.
by 375th 15th ave September 09, 2007
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Adjective. A girl with sub-par physical qualities, and a less than stellar personality. When you just want a word that can show absolute disrespect for a woman, dogpig is the perfect choice. The ultimate in female verbal abuse. It is great, because while they know it sounds horrible, they dont exactly know what it means. It is a one up from Slog.
"Jane, youre such a dogpig" or, "hey Jim, did you hear that Ben got with that Dogpig from Theta?"

by Matt Hutcheson December 19, 2006
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