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when your at home board and your vacume cleaner doesn't work so you call your dog's name and cover your cock in peanut butter and let him lick it till you cum all over him. His fur might be a little sticky so wash him in lube and baby shampoo.
Jake bought a new dog so he could get a dogjob and then went to the store and bought all the jars of peanut butter.
by cocked up November 21, 2007
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when your on a computer , and your dog comes up and gives you a nut tap
on facebook chat :

Jim: hey , so did you hear about that girl.. wrghwgdfgbwhrfrehtjnfjrnyy3rrr849yyyyyyyyyy
Jeremy: hey , what happened . i dont speak gibberish!
Jim : yeah , this is Ron ; he just got a dogjob , and his face hit the keypad.
Jeremy :damn , how big is his dog

Ron: a Great Dane

Jeremy : 0.0
by jigglypuff , i choose you December 03, 2011
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