this is where people meet up in car parks and watch eachother having sex. Sometime other people join in, but its mainly about watching and getting off on it!
ooooo, i went dogging lst night at the local car park. it was jolly good fun!
by frellie February 19, 2005
Dogging actually derives from the term 'walking the dog'. It is a pastime that has evolved from blokes taking their dogs for walks and stumbling across couples at it in bushes etc. They originally only spied on these couples.

The 'sport' has now become much more organized and seedy - with regular meeting places, and more or less a free-for-all spirit. This year the newly created Ultimate Dogging Championships was held at Rivington nr Chorley, Lancs. Their were many disciplines including 10 Man Train, Pearly Rain, and Most Extreme Slapper. The TV rights to next year's event are currently in negotiation with a Dutch Satellite TV station.
"I'm just taking the dog out for a walk love"
"Okay, don't be 5 hours this time, and try not to get so muddy"
by Keeper of the Sacred Honey Pot October 27, 2003
Jack: Aidan and Katie went dogging again by the canal...
Benji: No surprise there. That boy is either at the lab or dogging and it's fumehood shutdown!
by Rajj-Jamal March 29, 2021
having sex with more than one person in a public place, often with at least one stranger, and usually with others watching. (Hence a more or less spontaneous meeting point between "exhibitionists" and "voyeurs".) Good for spreading the DNA around. The word comes from the idea of dogs "doing it" in the open air with whoever else they happen to bump into. Also includes the sense of dogs wandering around in groups in search of something interesting to sniff ....
A: Where's the best place for doggin' in England then?
B: I dunno
A: It's go'a be in the fackin' park in Maidstone, enni'?
by Yorkshire Terror September 18, 2003
Where one lurks in the bushes and peeps at unsuspecting folks having relations in their vehicle; often while enjoying oneself carnally
Sting and I enjoyed a long night of edging and dogging
by lrgportion December 15, 2016
Talking bad about another, whether you know them or not, put down/putting down, whether you know them or not, also known as capping.
Ask any brother or sister (black) (28-35) from the street's/old school.
by Jeff Morris April 23, 2005
to stare someone down in an instense form. also looking at someone from head to toe in a disgusted way.
im going to fuck that bitch up if she doesnt stop dogging me
by proudbibaby November 2, 2011