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Manaic Oral Sex!! So named for it's rigourous fashion!
"I say old chap, I met a rather beautifull young femme last night, we ended up dogbowling eachother in the stables!"
by theonlybigdave July 18, 2006
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to perform cunnilingus, or anal-oral sex (anilingus), or a combination thereof, on a prone rather than supine partner
I took off her clothes, lay her down on her belly, and commenced an eager dogbowling.
by Christopher SM Rubin September 14, 2008
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The generic term for a person (usually a man) performing (especially) anilingus and/or cunnilingus from behind on a woman when she is on all fours (like a dog - hence the term dog-bowling, lap-lap).
The bitch was so hot for his tongue she didn't mind which hole he went for when she bent over, and he didn't much care either he loved dog-bowling so much.
by Rhys Chilcott July 20, 2006
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when your humping a girl missionary, and reallt hittin it hard, her legs are up and you slide down to lick her pussy with your tongue just a few times and return to humping.
Matt was dog bowling Lisa last nite and Steph jumped on the pile as soon as he was back in the saddle riding.
by jayrod moontooth August 10, 2006
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Eating your girlfriends pussy in the same manner a dog continues to eat from his dinner bowl even though there is no food in it pushing it from corner to corner
Jay: Did you get far with that girl last night

Roy: Yeah, she certainly enjoyed a bit of dogbowling
by dark13 August 11, 2010
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The act of using the tongue to stimulate the vagina, as if a dog licking water from a bowl; cunnilingus.
He threw her legs over his shoulders and started dog-bowling her.
by Ikki July 18, 2006
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