"deddi gots da bombdest dodi."
by heavyy April 19, 2006
The best of something. Primarily used to describe the potency of a drug or more specifically marijuana.
"That sizzle is some dodi ass shit, i'm straight spinnin yo." or "Roll up the dodi for the ride home, fuck the stress!
by ChroNICK AZ May 13, 2006
Dodi is a very sexy, hot, Gorgeous girl with fun personality. Everybody wants to be around her hot body, She is very caring, but needs to learn how to relaX, from all her stress.
Looking like a dodi (sexy) today
by Urban chick March 12, 2017
it is when a girl promises to call u back and never does. this must be several times repeated or else it doesnt count.
Becca dodi'd me last night after she promised to call me back.
by Aaron Simon Zelikovich April 22, 2007
A sweet momma or mother that loves her babies
A woman that deserves mad respect for building a home
Like June Cleaver
My moms is a dodi all up in the kitchen cookin large

While yo momma is beggin my momma is being a dodi makin beds and bakin cookies
by CptUSA December 14, 2013
A very talented youtuber (doddleoddle) who is very open to her audience about her depression and depersonalisation. Dodie is a very down to earth person aswell. She does song writing and puts her songs on her channel and has recently brung out an EP named intertwined. Dodie is so beautiful and once you watch one of her videos you will instantly fall in love with her.
My favourite Dodie song from her EP would have to be "Life Lesson" or "absolutely smitten"
by xjesscrystalx March 12, 2017
Dodie, another term for marijuana.
Lemme cop some dodies bruh
by xDefiancebruh January 10, 2011