reference to the character of a person who poses the potential to fuck you over or corrupt the scene
don't get with her, fool, that dodgy bitch jocked your whole damn crew last week at the party
by dphrakt May 24, 2003
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someone who exercises in illegal deals like drugs and or stolen goods
by boardie September 28, 2004
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A state of physical or mental health which is far from normal.
I feel quite dodgy today.
by Robert4445 November 5, 2007
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Referring to something borderline. Not risqué, but just something unusual. Like wordGoatse/word.
Pokémon is a very dodgy Animé cartoon.
by Misty Maniac March 20, 2003
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a bad friend; a backstabber; something bad or horrible
I had a very dodgy day because I got a bad grade.
by alyssa June 6, 2003
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the :dodgy: is a smiley, purple in color, and sarcastic in nature. Made popular by paintball messageboards such as and, it exists to show sarcasm even when the coding doesn't work.
...I'd hit it... :dodgy:

by WeapsO June 21, 2006
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disreputability, tendency towards the dishonest, state of doubtful authentification
She (von Speyr) had a long series of visions into saints' lives (eternalised as the "Book of All Hallows") which reads like so many school reports and has a tendency towards theological dodginess.
by Alarick September 2, 2006
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