Damn that girl's hot... I'm gonna take her back to my place and do the proper.
by Anon32585 July 29, 2009
to fully satisfy the grl and have good sex with her
alex: damn glenn look at christina
glenn: heh yeah ill do her proper
by alex December 3, 2003
To fuck a girl to the brink of the biggest orgasm of her life, and pleasure this girl untill she can't take anymore.
Her fucked her untill she came multiple times
by Gimnasio Flinkadonk July 13, 2004
1.)To bring pleasure to a woman to the point of her screaming out ur name and calling u daddy.

2.)To fuck a woman up her ass.

3.)To give a woman multiple-orgasms.
A letter to Adult Swim:
Screaming Betty needs to shut up.....she gives me a headache, but Id still do her proper
by Clinton March 19, 2004