Drinking something out of a bottle or can without touching it to one's lips; this is accomplished by holding the drink a few inches above one's head, leaning back, and pouring the drink into one's mouth. The term refers to Mountain Dew commercials which show people drinking Mountain Dew out of bottles in this manner ("Do the Dew" is also Mountain Dew's slogan). Doing the dew is employed to avoid sharing germs when sharing a drink; it is also an effective way to spill the drink everywhere and make a mess (see water boarding).
Chris decided to do the dew to avoid contaminating my soda bottle with his germs; after overdoing it, he choked and spewed it all over Chelsea's face.
by yaolinglingjiu March 13, 2009
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The Mountain Dew slogan meening to drink some mountain dew!
<ur_mom69> dude wanna go hang out and do the dew?
<m*therfker3> Sure!
by Phily April 09, 2005
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Inserting a finger into a person's rectum while giving a blow job, typically in a gas station bathroom
Man1: "Did you hear what she's goin to do?"

Man2: What man?

Man1: She grabbed up dude and they're goin' to "do the dew!"

Man2: Again?!
by dirtyjoe282 March 26, 2010
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(v.) the act of having sexual intercourse.

Origins: an episode of "Family Guy"

Past tense: Did the dew

Future tense: Do the dew
With a little bit of charm, luck, and a half-empty bottle of Tequilla, Johnny will be "doing the dew" with Susan tonight.
by Jerrodimus Prime December 15, 2004
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When you insert your penis into your sexual partner's rectum and then urinate. Often the penis has to be inserted fully and then become slightly flaccid, however true "Dewers" are able to maintain a full erection.
Mary: "Hey, are you coming out tonight?"

Jill: "I let Jack Do the Dew and I have been sitting on the toilet for ten minutes trying to get all the urine out. Put me down as a maybe."
by MC DDP October 18, 2009
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