"Hey guys look at this it's so cool what do you think it is?"


by Enigma December 31, 2004
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Q: What page is our chemistry homework found on?
A: dkdc
by Julian EM December 11, 2006
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Don't know, Don't care. You usually say it to someone that asks you something gayer then shit that you either dont know but 99% of the time do not give a flying fuck about.
"Do you think church is worth it?"
"dkdc douche."
by twilth November 08, 2009
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1: Did u know that Adam is leaving
2: dkdc dude
1: Lol u so freaking mean dude
by iriyaguesswho March 01, 2017
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acronym for the words "don't know, don't care"; an apathetic response, used dramatically, especially regarding a gossip topic
Person 1 (questions): "Did you see in the tabloid that says Brad and Amanda split? I wonder if they split?
Person 2 (response): "DKDC!" (Don't know, don't care!)
by yeahrightasif February 15, 2010
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First person: " Hey, did you hear about the new tax millionaires will now have to pay for hiring illegals?"

Second: " DKDC." .... " Ya'll want fries with that?"
by Karuza March 05, 2011
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An acronym representing "Don't Know, Don't Care". Its true birthplace was in the ProjectMayhem IRC Channel - by user Ayan4m1.

The mystical birth of this acronym began on the eve of Thanksgiving in 2006 as a response to a small annoying user talking about creating a mathematical algorithm to predict PMS cycles.
P1: Hey, want to hear about how I scored with three chicks last night?
P2: ... DKDC
by dtrinh November 22, 2006
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