Divija, you are from Asian descent and you like that your name is rare and unique. You can be athletic if you want to but you love to read and write. You are beautiful although you may not feel like you are. You are smart and thoughtful. Boys think twice before arguing with you and your sarcastic tongue. You are very talkative and loyal to your friends but sometimes you judge others too quickly and harshly. You may seem blunt but you actually think before you act. You question how things work and you believe in a unnatural force looking after you. You sometimes wish for things you dont have but overall you are down to earth. You find inspiration in music and like to be defined as sassy, smart, strange or sensational. You enjoy cooking, reading, watching movies and you absolutely love chilling with an ice cream or a cold drink. People sometimes think you are uninteresting and boring but you prove that you can be humorous, silly and quick minded all at the same time
Annoying girl: Why do you always have the same hairstyle.
Divija: I'm and acquired taste. Don't like me acquire some taste girl.
Everyone else: Did you hear what Divija said, she sure did shut her up.
by DDonut March 20, 2019
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