someone who changes the topic of an argument, because they are losing the argument.
Riley became a diverter after losing the argument with Tracy.
by BlesserLesser July 11, 2020
The Y-Shaped device in an airplane used for the directional evacuation of turd flow.
Aaron grabbed the turd diverter to avoid ramp trout.
by LavatorySpecialist December 2, 2016
We are 2 single ladies & we were out with our gay male friends and all the single guys assumed they were our boyfriends & didnt come over to us! So we said they were cock-blocking us female style and then after a few drinks made up the phrase blurt divert!
by Miss BT7 February 28, 2014
To flirt with someone to get something out of them and then ditching them.
Alicia was an expert at flirt and divert. She'd approach a guy at the bar, flirt with him all night so long as he paid for the drinks, and then left towards the end of the night when he went to the bathroom.

"I'm going to give her a ride home but she wants to stop at the gas station first."
"Dude, it's just flirt and divert, she's done it at every party I've seen her at. She's going to ask you for some smokes and then will run up a huge tab. The second you pull up she'll jump out and run up to her apartment without so much as a thank you."
by Brett Burkhardt May 12, 2008
Don’t care about something or ignore something
- I think she doesn’t love me anymore
- Divert to your balls bro, there are lots of hot girls out there that want to be with a guy like you
by Guybrush299 August 5, 2018
To sell someone out to take the focus off of one's own devious ways
My brother pulled out all the stops when he did his usual dirt divert move on Mom
by It's Barnett again May 6, 2019
See mudflap. #squirrelgate
Behind my wheels there is a rock diverter to prevent stones being cast upon anothers vehicle.
by Jimi smitts August 18, 2018