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At some gentleman's clubs, a $5 tip will get you a dive for five: you're pulled up on stage, your $5 bill is placed over your nose, and the dancer (who is at this point quite naked) straddles your head, grinding her sweet and heavily perfumed pussy on your face. She may also at this point place her mouth on your crotch, forcing warm air through your clothes. At this point if you're lucky, she'll finish it off by rubbing her tits in your face.
Me: I went to the club last night, got a dive for five.
U: wtf is that?
Me: Oh, only the best $5 you'll ever spend, but I'll tell ya, I'll never look at a $5 bill the same way again...
by OfkU YduInEd2hasnAm? January 05, 2009
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